How to get there

Tango Maraton de Oro will be held in the building of the Foundation „Krakus” (str. Reymonta 15) in Krakow.

From the Old Town

The Foundation located a 20 min walk from the Main Square (Polish: Rynek Główny of the Old Town of Kraków)
Public transport : tram 20 from „Plac Wszystkich Świętych” to „Park Jordanowski” (You have to go north and you will be at location, it’s behind the Park Jordana).

Tickets (first zone):

  • Ticket 20 min: 2.80 zł
  • Ticket 40 min: 3.80 zł
  • Single travel ticket: 3.80 zł

Public transport:

Tickets Price list: jedno-i- wieloprzejazdowych/

For planning your public transport trip, you can use this app:

Eko taxi: +48 12 644 22 22 (1,79 zł/ km)

iCar taxi: +48 12 653 55 55 (1,98 zł/ km)

From PKP (Train station: Kraków Główny)

Public transport :

  • Bus 179 from „Dworzec Główny Zachód” to „ AGH” (25 min)
  • Bus 501 From „Politechnika” to „Czarnowiejska” (25 min)

From airport (airport is in the second zone):

Public transport:

  • Bus 208 from „Balice Medweckiego” to „Chopina” (30 min)
  • Train „KMŁ” from „Kraków Lotnisko(Airport)” to „Kraków Łobzów”, change to the bus 144 or 194 from „Kraków PKP” to „Chopina” (30 min)
  • Bus 292 from Balice Medweckiego to „ AGH” (25 min)

When traveling around Krakow we recommend to use:

Arrival by plane:

Directly from:

Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Athens, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Lyon, Basel, Zurich, London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Jersey, Rome, Bologna, Dublin, Milan


For many years, Krakow was the seat of kings as the capital of the state until the seventeenth century. The mention of the city appeared in X century. Interestingly Krakow was not destroyed during the war, hence its historic architecture is unchanged for years. The Old Town is the place in Krakow you need to see.  You will find there „Sukiennice”, St. Mary’s Church, St. Adalbert church (In Krakow itself is more than 120 churches). Another place worthy of note is the Wawel Castle or the former seat of kings. Beware of the Wawel Dragon!