Participation in Krakow Tango Marathon “Maraton De Oro” is possible only for registered participants.
There is no possibility to buy tickets on the entrance.
Registration for the marathon can be made in couples or solo.
It is “gender balanced” event so, organizers care about number of male and female dancers. The organizers reserve the right to select participants because of limited number of places in the marathon.
The order of applications does not matter.

To register please fill in a registration form available on this website (section REGISTRATION).
After submitting your registration an automated confirmation will be sent out to you within 24 hours.

Within a few days (max 14 days) you will receive an e-mail informing you whether you are on ‘participants list’ or the ‘reserved list’.

All who are on the ‘participants list’ will receive a further email with information on fees and payment methods. You will have 7 days to make the payment. However, if you are unable to pay within 7 days you will be moved to the ‘reserved list’.

Please note! Only payments confirmed by us give you a guaranteed place in the marathon. As soon as we receive your payment we will send an email confirming the successful end of your registration.

All costs of the bank transfer for example: costs of conversion or transfer fee and all other fees related to the transfer shall be payed by the participant. The organizers will ask the participant for compensation payments in case of receiving a lower amount of sum mentioned in registration form.
In case of resignation from participation in the marathon, fee is not refundable.
The right to participate in the marathon cannot be transferred to another person. In case of emergency the participant may ask the organizer for permission to transfer his/her pass to another participant. If there is no participant on the waiting list who can buy the marathon pass, organizer can propose to find a new participant of the same dance level and gender to make the replacement. The replacement is possible only after the permission of the organizer.

Person on the ‘reserved list’ is not a participant until he/she receives an e-mail with confirmation of the participation from the Organizers of the Krakow Vinyl Tango Marathon “Maraton De Oro”. Otherwise, he/she cannot enter the event.
The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission of persons outside the list of participants at the entrance.
The organizer reserves the right to ask the identity of the participant’s ID card or other identity document to confirm that this person is the person registered for participation.

If, prior to the event, there is a likelihood that during the event there will be a threat to the life or health of the participants (epidemic, illness, natural disaster, etc.), the organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event. In case of postponement of the event, the participant’s pass is postponed to a new date. In case of cancellation of the event, the organizer returns the cost of the participant’s pass. The organizer is not responsible for the return of any funds associated with the trip to the event (tickets, accommodation, etc.).

The organizer reserves the right to check the temperature of participants before entering and during the marathon.
A participant may be denied in participation in a marathon if:
1) the participant has a high temperature (exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius);
2) there are obvious symptoms of the disease such as dry cough or fever;
3) there are other symptoms of the disease of COVID-19, listed on the official page of the World Health Organization
In the above cases, the cost of the marathon pass is not refundable.

The organizer has the right to stop the marathon in case there is information that one of the participants is sick with the coronavirus (or another dangerous disease that threatens the health and lives of other participants). Since in this case the goal of the premature termination of the marathon is the health and life of the participants, and this does not happen with the organizer’s fault, the marathon passes of participants are not refundable.

‘Participants list’ will be closed on the 5th of November 2020 (7 days before the event). After this date there is no possibility to transfer your participation to another person from ‘reserved list’.


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