Marathon starts on 08 November 2024 at 21 pm and ends on 10 November 2024 at 19 pm.

The registration fee is 160 EUR .

Please pay attention! There will be additional pre-party milonga (Thursday 07.11.24) and after-party milonga (Sunday 10.11.24) which are not included in marathon pass and will be played on laptops.

  • To register please fill in a registration form below (will be available after 09.05.2024). If there are any technical problems don’t hesitate to email us:
  • All costs of the bank transfer for example: costs of conversion or transfer fee and all other fees related to the transfer shall be payed by the participant. The organizers will ask the participant for compensation payments in case of receiving a lower amount than 160 Euro per participant.
  • The right to participate in marathon can not be transferred to another person. In case of emergency the participant may transfer the right to participate only with the permission of the organizers. Participant must inform the organizers and provide personal data of the new participant.
  • In case of resignation from participation in the marathon, fee is not refundable.
  • Please note! Only payments confirmed by us give you a guaranteed place in the marathon. As soon as we receive your payment we will send an email confirming the successful completion of your registration.
  • To read all “Terms and conditions” please click here.
    ‘Participants list’ will be closed on the 2th of November 2024. After this date there is no possibility to transfer your participation to another person from ‘reserved list’.